Hi I'm Carley.J fashion brand launch expert @Unzipped

I am an expert at launching fashion brands into global eCommerce. Why? Because I have a proven background in sales strategy, and I love finding growth methods for brands.

I hate seeing brands struggle and a common phrase I hear is “I wish I reached out sooner!” So don’t make the same mistake and let me help you today!

Career achievements:

  • I have worked in NYC, London and Melbourne for well-known fashion brands. 
  • I have grown accounts from launch to maturity, surpassing sales expectations into $M+ revenue.
  • I am connected to over 30+ global fashion wholesale eCommerce platforms.
  • I built my own fashion business from scratch in 2019 so I know what it takes to build a business.

Why is it free?

I believe you should always have the opportunity to meet your coach first before spending a $.

Why? Because it is essential to ensure the right partnership and personality match to achieve future success.

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What other services does Unzipped offer?

The easiest way to discover this is by visiting Unzipped.co